Construction Project Management System

Adapts to Your Needs

The module provides an extensive Weld Tracking system from stamps on drawings through inspection and completion. Progress is monitored through steps including:

  •     -Onscreen stamps on drawings where welds are to be constructed
  •     -Welder Assignment
  •     -Weld Point inspection as required by law
  •     -Re-assign work if result fails
  •     -Repeat re-assign until Weld passes inspection
  1. Date stamps on weight percent complete are accumulated and reported as percent job complete.
  2. Meet compliance and regulation requirement such as Reporting on NDE percent complete.
  3. Stamping Weld Points on the Drawings is simply a matter of point and click.
  4. Meet ASME requirements of documenting Welder Qualification and Weld Tracing.
  5. Dynamically adapts to individual preference naming convention in step columns.
  6. Welder performance is tracked via assignments on Weld Points and result of X-Ray testing.

Drawings and all aspects of communication with clients and subcontractors are maintained by the module, including:

  •     -Request for Information
  •     -Letters
  •     -Extra Work Orders
  •     -Memos
  •     -Transmittals
  •     -Field Impacts
  1. Drawings and other PDF documents such as Manuals, Employee Certificates, Forms etc. uploaded into the system may be viewed with built-in PDF viewer.
    Drawing revisions are tracked automatically based on import dates as new drawings are uploaded into the system.

Keeping track of actual hours spent vs. estimated hours is crucial. Knowing the cost overrun beforehand helps avoid any potential losses.

  1. Customized Reporting System:

    •     -Earn Value by Cost Codes
    •     -Earn Value by Timesheet Group
    •     -Earn Value by System
    •     -Earn Value by Area
    •     -Earn Value by Drawings
    •     -Selected Columns Filtered Reports
    Different progress reports based on Cost Codes, Job Number, Timesheet Group, Systems and Areas are available with just click of a button.
  2. Earn Updates may be specified in terms of quantities as well as labor hours.
  3. Disciplines are dynamically identified based on task list entries.
  4. Summary progress for each discipline including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Piping, Welding etc. is being displayed as you navigate through different windows.

Maintain employee records and individual timesheets through groupings of:

  •     -Forman Timesheet Group
  •     -Cost Codes
  •     -Job Numbers
  •     -Pay Type
  •     -Sub Type
  •     -Sub Ledger
  1. Easy time entry system automatically generates PerDiem and Overtime based on eligibility and hours worked.

  2. Keep tabs on absentees, early out, late-in and scheduled off.

  3. Maintain split entries on hours worked on different Cost Codes and Job Numbers
Upload to JDEdward System with customizable column names.

Task attributes are extended through Listing module.

  •     -Extension of up to 100 customized Listing attributes
  •     -Dynamically assigned attribute names
  •     -Task groups may be created as required
  •     -Highlight steps for easy identification
  •     -Attach created lookup fields to attributes
  1. Extensive database search capability with conditional statements on column values.

  2. Customize reports with column selections and filter conditions.

  1. Attribute names may be changed according to individual preference.

  1. Provides ability to group tasks based on different specifications.

Task attributes are further extended through Tracking module with milestones and steps of weight percent completed.

  •     -Extension of up to 100 customized Tracking attributes
  •     -Dynamically assigned attribute names
  •     -Assign weight percent complete values to milestone steps
  •     -Produce project percent complete reports with date stamp on milestone steps
  •     -Assign lookup fields to individual columns
  •     -Highlight steps for easy identification
  1. Date stamps on weight percent complete are accumulated and reported as percent job completed.
  2. Column names are changeable based on individual preference.